Dear Celia,

There are some words in my heart I did not talk to you. I think I have a crash on you for a long time since I laid eyes on you.

You are the godson! I am too love you to control my heartbeat. I always breathe hardly when I ran into you every time.

For the past years from I met you, I didn’t get up the nerve to ask you out. It makes me so sad for that you don’t know I like you when you are in front of me.

What a beautiful angel. This is the feeling when I laid eyes on you. For now, I’d like get up the nerve to let you know my real feeling for you. I wish you would know you are the only you of my heart in the world.

If there is one day you leave my world, I can’t imagine that how to keep my life without you. I Love You. Celia.

Terry Liu.

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