1. Listen up! 聽好了!
  2. You don't say! 不會吧!
  3. Take your time! 別急!
  4. How thoughtful of you! 你真是體貼!
  5. No Problem. 不客氣;沒什麼.
  6. What a jerk! 真是個討厭鬼!
  7. What's happening ? 你好嗎?
  8. Come on in! 快進來!
  9. Excuse me. = Pardon me .不好意思.
  10. Not in a million years! 下輩子吧!
  11. Never mind. = forget about it. 別放在心上.
  12. In your dreams! 你做夢!
  13. Take a hike! 滾遠一點!
  14. Mind your own business! 關你屁事!(別多管閒事!)
  15. Ignorance is Bliss. 無知便是福.
  16. I have already got used to it. 我已經習慣了.
  17. That's very kind of you. = You are very kind. 妳人真好.
  18. Oh! So it's you!  喔! 原來是你呀.
  19. You rock. 你好屌. 好利害.
  20. That's impressive.  你很厲害.
  21. Thanks for your troubles. 辛苦你了.
  22. How far (is it) from here? 從這裡去有多遠?
  23. I hope you are well. 你好.
  24. Congratulations on your purchase! 感謝您的購買.
  25. You can say that again! 沒錯!(表非常贊同對方的話)
  26. Would you spell that (word) for me, please? 可以請你幫我拼出那個字嗎?
  27. One moment, please. 請稍候.
  28. Let me take a look. 讓我看看.
  29. There's something going on. (那裡)好像發生什麼事情了.
  30. It's sweet of you to ask. 很感謝妳的邀約.
  31. Maybe another time! 下次吧.
  32. Couldn't be better! 再好不過了!
  33. Fancy seeing you here. 很高興在這遇到你.
  34. What a pleasant surprise! 真是驚喜呀!
  35. Are you here on your own? 你自己一個人()?
  36. What did you have in mind? 你有什麼計畫嗎?
  37. What do you say? 你覺得呢?
  38. I am full! 我吃飽了.
  39. I'm already seeing someone. 我已經有對象了.
  40. It's time for off work . 下班時間到了.
  41. Listen! 對了!...
  42. How long have you been married? 你結婚多久了?
  43. There's more. 好戲還在後頭. ; 還有呢!
  44. Can I have your attention please? 請大家注意這裡!
  45. Please take a seat. 請坐好.
  46. Somebody call for help! 快找救兵!(快叫人幫忙呀!)
  47. Heads up! 小心上面!
  48. Hit the deck!  趴下!
  49. How did it go? 怎麼了?
  50. Don’t get so worked up! 別如此激動!
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