1. Just give it to me straight! 有話就直說吧!
  2. Glad I could help! 真高興我能幫上忙.
  3. Are you out of your mind? 你瘋了嗎?
  4. Why would you want to do that? 你為何想這樣做?
  5. What makes you think that? 你怎會這麼想?
  6. Tell me the truth. 告訴我實話.
  7. I don't know what to say. 我不知道該說什麼.
  8. That was a close call. 真是好險!
  9. How many people can fit in your car? 你的車可以載幾個人?
  10. What's inside? 裡面裝什麼?
  11. I am all set. 我已經都準備就緒了.
  12. That’s everything. 全部東西都帶上了.
  13. Have you finished your packing? 你行李收拾好了嗎?
  14. Take it easy! 放輕鬆;別緊張.
  15. You can nerver tell. 這可說不準.
  1. Are you in a hurry? 你趕時間嗎?
  2. How long will/does it take to get there? 到那裡要多久時間?
  3. How much is the fare? = what is the fare? 共多少車錢?
  4. How much do I owe you? 我該給你多少錢? (owe v. ;應給予 )
  5. Keep the change. 不用找錢了.
  6. Here is a tip for you. 這是給你的小費.
  7. When is the train due in Tainan? 火車幾點到台南?
  8. How often does the train come? 火車多久一班?
  9. Does the train stop at Oxford? 這火車會停靠牛津嗎?
  10. What is the daily rate? 請問(車子)日租金多少?
  11. Pick me up! 來接我.
  12. Hit the road! 上路囉.
  13. Pull over. 靠邊停車.
  14. Fair enough. (價錢)很公道.
  15. I am lost. 我迷路了.
  16. I seem to be lost. 我好像迷路了.
  17. Could you tell me what stop to get off at?. 可以告訴我應該在哪一站下車嗎?(….(某站)下車 get off at…)
  18. Is it far from here?. 那裡離這邊很遠嗎?
  19. Can I walk there from here? 我可以從這邊走到那裡嗎?
  20. It's just around the corner. 那地方就在附近而已.
  21. Go alone this street. = Walk down the street. 沿著這條街走.
  22. Can I interrupt for a sec? 我可以打個岔嗎?
  23. What have you been up to lately? 你最近在做些什麼?
  24. I know what you mean. 我瞭; 我懂(你的感受).
  25. Do you have any vacant rooms?  貴飯店還有空房嗎?
  26. That's lovely. 好極了!
  27. Can you wrap them up for me, please?. 可以幫我打包嗎?
  28. Have you lost some weight ? 你是不是瘦了?
  29. Looking good! It suits you. 這樣很好看! 你這樣剛好,很適合你.
  30. Let's not go off on a tangent. = Let's not stray off topic.  不要離題.
  31. I got stuck in traffic a jam. 我碰到塞車.
  32. Let’s get back on track.  讓我們回到正軌.(or 回到原來的地方)
  33. See! What did I tell you? 看吧~ 就跟你說吧~
  34. Sorry to interrupt your meal. 抱歉,打擾你用餐.
  35. Can I have your attention please? Please take a seat.  請大家注意這裡, 快坐好.
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